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When you are done choosing a category, click the "Continue" button. Fill in the information under "Title," "Condition" and "Item specifics. Give as much information in the "Item specifics" section as possible, as this is a way buyers will narrow their search to find your item. Upload pictures but clicking the "Add pictures" button.

In the pop-up window, click the "Browse" button and select the pictures on your hard drive.

How I Make $100s if not $1000 each Day Selling Costume Jewelry on eBay

When you've chosen all the pictures you want to upload, click the "Upload" button. Write a description of the item. Be sure to include as much detail as possible and describe the item accurately. Be sure to also include information about how the item will be packed and shipped, along with any other information you think is necessary.

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Choose if you want to create a fixed price listing or an eBay auction for your jewelry. If you choose to do a fixed price listing, click that tab and enter a price. If you want to do an auction listing, click that tab and enter a starting bid price. Enter the payment information and the shipping cost and click the "Continue" button.

Verify the listing on the next page and click "List your item" if you everything is correct. Click "Edit listing" if you need to go back and change something. Finally, I want to show you the Time Zone converter.

Jewelry Selling Guide

This tool is very handy for deciding what time your auctions or listings will finish. This is really simple to use: just select whether you want to convert the current time, or enter you own time. Remember me on this computer. By Alice Delore.

Beware of Fraudsters As much as international eCommerce opens you up to some great opportunities, it also exposes you to the risk of being the victim of fraud. Customs - A mutual pain in the neck for buyers and sellers!

Price-sensitive Customers Shop on eBay

Got questions about selling internationally? Ask below! Related posts you may be interested in Sign me up to become a free member of SaleHoo.

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  5. Login to comment. In contrast, for jewelry even low-end fashion jewelry each product is special. It takes an investment of time to list and describe items, with no existing catalog data to copy from. It is critical to add as many descriptive parameters about the piece as possible, to help buyers understand exactly what they are going to receive.

    The uniqueness of each jewelry piece also means different products cannot be compared easily, so the usual repricing strategies will not work. Each one will be a little bit different, making all your product images obsolete.

    EBay will now authenticate luxury jewelry items – TechCrunch

    For loose gemstones the situation is even more complicated. People will buy loose diamonds for their engagement or wedding rings, so they are bought more for their appearance than as an investment. When they take them to a jeweler to be set in a ring, they may find they do not suit the setting they would like to use, or the jeweler advises them to use a different stone.

    On eBay, loose diamonds have one of the highest return rates of all. The expense of returns — both shipping and labor costs — should be considered when calculating prices and profit margins. Precious metals and gemstones are expensive and scarce. Sellers of fine jewelry hold a relatively small stock of raw materials, and only create pieces when they are ordered. Lead times are long, which can cause problems with online shoppers and marketplaces expecting lightning-fast delivery. Production is even more problematic for monogrammed and customized jewelry.

    A retailer cannot order shipments for every combination of the alphabet and put them into a fulfillment center. The value of surplus stock would be enormous. Customized jewelry is one of the top trends right now, but most businesses find fulfillment to be difficult. Stocks of raw materials such as gemstones play an important role in the jewelry business due to their high value. To utilize their stock efficiently, many of our clients in the fine jewelry category have hundreds of virtual product variations made with the same gemstone.

    Jewelry is often bought as a gift for specific events. There are very specific points of sale which dominate the calendar. Jewelry sellers have to be aware of the right time to stock more items to prepare for higher demand. It also requires greater production and fulfillment capacity, so manpower must be increased in the sale seasons. Precious metals and precious stones are highly regulated, particularly when shipping internationally. International carriers have specific regulations for jewelry. If you are in the US, we advise you to check with the USPS for their current instructions and regulations for the destination country.

    Some carriers need approval to send jewelry. DHL and FedEx ship jewelry internationally, but there are limits. Precious metals and stones are highly valuable natural resources, and you cannot simply import and export diamonds by yourself. Take a very close look at the specific regulations that apply to you and the countries you intend to trade with.

    In some cases, you also need gemological certificates when you sell fine jewelry. These allow you and others to assess the selling price of your products, and can easily be traded across the globe. A particular word of caution for diamond jewelry retailers: you could go to jail for not keeping records efficiently. Illegal import of natural resources is taken seriously by authorities. Preventing this kind of scenario is why serious players have a local representative in their target countries.

    This allows local returns, which will later be forwarded to the manufacturer in the proper way. Shipping carriers who specialize in high-value shipments, such as Brinks, work hard to provide decent solutions to these issues. Fraud is a common problem with jewelry, particularly expensive items. Without a gemologist, sellers can find it really difficult to produce proof that the returned item was not their product. Some jewelry is difficult to authenticate, so documentary evidence should be followed up by the opinion of an expert.

    2. Customs - A mutual pain in the neck for buyers and sellers!

    Improper returns and return fraud plague online sellers, so they must create processes which minimize and discourage fraud. Even for something as important and expensive! When it comes to sizing it is worth the effort to make sure your buyer checks the size with a ring sizer. If you have a serious potential buyer, you can reduce the risk of a return by sending them a ring sizer or selling it to them, then offering to take the cost of the sizer off the price of a ring. This simple step can drastically lower the probability of returned items due to incorrect sizing. In fine jewelry, there is often a very long pre-sale process with customers to make sure that they understand completely what they are buying.

    Many businesses use online chat to communicate with customers. You need to be clear and professional in your communication with buyers. For example, sterling silver is You also need to act much like a professional jewelry salesperson in a bricks-and-mortar store. The role of the seller is to explain and advise buyers about all the details and options for the piece they are buying. For example, top grade white diamonds can be a waste if set on top of a yellow gold setting.