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In July , Cisco released version 2. As of 30 January , only the v2. With a CCDP certification, a network professional can discuss, design, and create advanced addressing and routing, security, network management, data center, and IP multicast enterprise architectures that include virtual private networking and wireless domains.

Networking Essentials Chapter 1

An active CCDA certification acts as a prerequisite for this certification. Five required exams: [38]. CCNP Wireless covers all aspects of wireless networking principles and theory. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert represents Cisco's highest certification, comprising seven tracks at present, tracks are updated and retired frequently and are aligned to industry's latest technologies and trends.

CCIE began in , [44] originally with a two-day lab, later changing to a one-day format. Alternatively, candidates may rent "rack time" online. The CCIE consists of a written exam and a "lab" exam in each track. The written exam consists of questions that must be completed within 2 hours. Upon passing the written exam, the candidate has eighteen months to take the lab exam. The candidate has three years after passing the written exam to successfully complete the lab. The lab is an eight-hour, hands-on exam designed to demonstrate that the candidate knows Internetworking theory and demonstrates advanced hands-on mastery.

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The minimum waiting time between attempts is one month. Some of these locations do not offer all CCIE tracks. The associate and professional Certifications recognized the fact that CCIE is overkill for many networking personnel. The first CCIE number allocated in started at 1, and increased thereafter. The first number they allocated to the first CCIE lab location, rather than to an individual, and featured as a plaque at the entrance to the lab. They awarded Number to Stuart Biggs, who created the first written exam and first lab exam. The first person to pass both CCIE written and lab exams, known as Terry Slattery, [48] consulted at Cisco when the lab began development.

Every two years a CCIE has to take a written test to retain the certification. If not done, the certification becomes suspended. After one further year without passing, the certification becomes revoked. One can then only regain the certification by starting from scratch.

Re-certification can occur up to 2 years before the expiration date. However, all the tracks for testing may not be available at a lab location. The Cisco Certified Architect CCAr certification assesses the experience and competency of network designers who can support the increasingly complex networks of global organizations and effectively translate business strategies into technical strategies. The Cisco Certified Architect certification is administered as a board exam. Candidates propose and defend an architecture solution to a set of business requirements.

Candidates are asked to modify their proposals "on the fly," based on additional requirements presented by the board. Prerequisites include a CCDE certification, approximately 10 years of industry experience, and acceptance into the program via an application process. Routing and Switching seem by far the most popular track, with 35, worldwide certified individuals as of May 18, Specifically, CCDE identifies network professionals who have expert network design skills.

Network design translates business requirements into end-to-end network designs and a solutions approach to network expansion and integration. CCDE supplies a vendor-neutral curriculum, testing business requirements analysis, design, planning, and validation practices. It uses the same CCIE tools to verify qualified status. CCDE provides advanced network infrastructure design principles and fundamentals for large networks.

A CCDE can demonstrate an ability to develop solutions which address planning, design, integration, optimization, operations, security, and ongoing support focused at the infrastructure level. Most candidates pass after three or four lab attempts, but some have required more than six.

CISCO Networking Academy

Many have reputed that the lab exam seems as much a test of time management and planning as of technical expertise. As such, it involves a lot of back-and-forth fine tuning between the numerous platforms. After protest from current and aspirant CCIE Voice holders, whom argued that the differences remain too few to warrant retiring the track with no option to transition to the new track, Cisco offered a transition path for existing Voice holders.

The Collaboration written exam may have availability starting from November 21, The lab exam will transition from Voice to Collaboration on February 14, Cisco has announced the September availability of a CCIE Data Center certification, [58] which certifies the expert-level skills required to plan, prepare, operate, monitor, and troubleshoot complex data center networks. Candidates who pass the CCIE Wireless certification exams demonstrate broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking and a solid understanding of wireless local area networking WLAN technologies from Cisco.

In addition to the vast amount of Certifications above, Cisco also provides Specialist Certifications. By combining various exams, a Cisco partner can gain specialty status and thus qualify for additional partner benefits. Specialisations can be held at Express, Advanced and Master levels, reflecting the depth of a partners skills across certain technologies and architectures, and can be held in both a Technology portfolio, or an architecture.

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Specialisations are: [1] [63]. Over time, as technologies change and products are made obsolete, some Certifications are retired. Retired Certifications are no longer valid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article contains too many or overly lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations.

Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. July Main article: CCNA. Main article: CCNP. Products Solutions Essentials 8.

Retrieved 22 June Retrieved Level 1, Unit 13 - Using Email 2 credits. Level 2, Unit 13 - Using Email 3 credits.

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Level 3, Unit 13 - Using Email 3 credits. Entry Level 3, Unit 2 - Online Basics 1 credit. Level 1, Unit 14 - Audio Software 2 credits. Level 2, Unit 14 - Audio Software 3 credits. Level 3, Unit 14 - Audio Software 4 credits. Level 1, Unit 15 - Imaging Software 3 credits. Level 2, Unit 15 - Imaging Software 4 credits. Level 3, Unit 15 - Imaging Software 5 credits. Level 3, Unit 17 - Video Software 4 credits. Level 1, Unit 17 - Video Software 2 credits. Level 2, Unit 17 - Video Software 3 credits. Level 3, Unit 23 - Multimedia Software 6 credits. Level 3, Unit 24 - Additive Manufacture 6 credits.

Level 3, Unit 27 - Design Software 5 credits. Entry Level 3, Unit 10 - Presentation software 2 credits. Level 1, Unit 21 - Data Management Software 2 credits. Level 2, Unit 21 - Data Management Software 3 credits. Entry Level 3, Unit 28 - Personal information management software 1 credit. Level 1, Unit Understanding the social and environmental impact of architecture and construction 3 credits. Level 2, Unit 22 -Understanding the social and environmental impact of architecture and construction 4 credits.

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Level 3, Unit 32 - Computerised Accounting Software 5 credits. Level 1, Unit 23 - Multimedia Software 3 credits. Level 2, Unit 23 - Multimedia Software 4 credits. Level 3, Unit 37 - Internet of Things 6 credits. Level 1, Unit 24 - Additive Manufacture 3 credits. Level 2, Unit 24 - Additive Manufacture 3 credits. Level 1, Unit 26 - Computer Games Development 3 credits. Level 2, Unit 26 - Computer Games Development 4 credits. Level 1, Unit 27 - Design Software 3 credits.

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Level 2, Unit 27 - Design Software 4 credits. Level 3, Unit 44 - Bespoke Software 4 credits. Level 3, Unit 57 - Networking Fundamentals 5 credits. Level 2, Unit 32 - Computerised Accounting Software 3 credits.