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And the other courts could be so boring stuck in their traditions and rules and blah blah blah. This - a Fey Prince and a human - was one of the most exciting changes to happen in at least a few centuries. Positively scandalous. I like that. Fancy making a deal to save the man you love? Their lover looked ill, husked and drooping. All that life and vitality sucked out of him. What did you do? But now - I am human now. You took one look at the beautiful winged creature and its expression of pain, and knew exactly what you had to do.

They were powerful creatures, that you knew, but you also knew that there was nothing they could do as they were currently. Your father had built this trap specifically for them in mind, and whilst inside, they were weak as could be. Silently you waited, listening to your father excitedly mutter to himself about all the things he could do now.

You knew he intended to dissect them at the very least, and the thought of him doing such a horrible thing sent shudders of revulsion through you, though you hid it well. Finally, he put down his things, telling you that he needed to go get some supplies from in town before he began, the excitement making him almost manic. You nodded with a dutiful smile and watched as he left, counting the seconds until he was far off down the road. Hopping down off the counter, you hurried over to the trapped faerie, heart clenching at how drained they already looked.

Blinking back your tears, knowing that now was not the time, you murmured gentle apologies and assurances to them, setting to work on freeing them from their prison. It was difficult to do, but you had watched your father make these things himself, and soon enough you had it deactivated. Picking them up gently, you fought back your tears at how limp they were in your hand, hurrying over to the window as you saw them slowly start regaining strength. You knew your father was going to be furious, and that the punishment would be harsh.

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He had been trying to catch a faerie for years after all, obsessing over them ever since you could remember. Often neglecting your care in order to do so. Smiling tearfully at them, seeing that they were strong enough to fly once more, you finally let your tears overflow. A lunch doodle that I coloured up last night. Whatever I like swords.

Faerie Heart

Hey guys, guess what? The Fixer, Bueboe, is the last of the sprites. He has the best intention to help, however, tends to do so with temporary solutions. To draw the Fixer implies this is happening in some area of our lives.

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The pattern on the floor jumps out at me and reminds me of the monotony of day-to-day life. The Heart Circle is not a discussion group. If a member raises an issue that they are concerned about, it is not for others to offer advice, or to comment. However, in the spirit of sharing feelings, it is appropriate to talk about how the concern raised leads you to feel.

Themes can sometimes develop in the group, whilst at other times the feelings shared can remain very individual, with nothing particularly following on from one member to the next. Confidentiality within the group is assumed as a given ground rule. Simply being there is participation. I hoped so too with all my heart. This once again gave everyone the opportunity to say why we were Legends. Each Faerie should connect to the other and say: I can feel the connection.

The Faerie Gathering came to an end with the awareness that it should serve to express or learn your true deepest feelings, especially affection, to re-develop that sensitivity in a playful way and, above all, especially to learn to respond to the true needs of others again. It is our responsibility to create a safe place and to address the issue of consensus and community in order to solve all the problem areas together.

With the exclusion of others we can solve no problems. It seemed to me that we could soon realize our vision of a common community in Austria, but many more butterflies will have to die until people realize this eternal goal. In truth, I had never wanted to go there because I had heard only negative things about this country. The environment slips from one disaster to the next and is mercilessly sacrificed to economic progress. Francis is an incredibly nice personality who brought the Radical Faerie Movement to China.

He became a true friend to me and he convinced me to visit the Chinese gathering.

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The challenge was so strong. I accepted it. When I landed in Shanghai and then in Beijing, I saw nothing of this huge country. Everything was a white mist around me and light yellow smog clouds. Just a week ago, there was a sandstorm from the Mongolian desert that caused fold air pollution in Beijing. The weather was crazy. It was winter in China. We landed in the snow and it was so cold. I had to meet Pablo who was my contact at the airport, otherwise I would have been lost in this huge and unknown country.

Plaster of Paris Heart Stone – From the Faerie Realm

For the privacy and security of those Chinese faeries who were attending the gathering I had not been told where the Gathering was to take place or who else should pick me up. My only thoughts were would we actually make contact? Will Pablo be there? After some initial panic, some Chinese faeries arrived at the airport and took me through a snowy landscape resort outside of Beijing, where the four day gathering was to take place. I will not announce the location for safety reasons.

But I safely arrived at my final destination. At the entrance of this place stood two golden lion statues, who bring happiness and prosperity to the newcomer. I was greeted by about 24 Chinese young faeries.

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But that did not matter. All these wonderful, loving young faeries I was allowed to hug.

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Every single one I found beautiful in their own way. Yes, I saw so many beautiful faces — or rather, the souls behind the faces. Young faces, with an incredible smiles that were heart warming and lovely. The next morning Chas Nol asked me to facilitate the Heart Circle. Some sharing of young faeries here almost broke my heart. The speciality of this gathering was that nearly two-thirds of all participants were young, students between the ages of 19 and They all told things as they might have been in Europe in the s, where homosexuality was almost still illegal in all countries.

In China, family ties are much stronger than in Europe, and if you come out here as a gay in front of your parents, this can mostly lead to exclusion from your family, because it is the biggest disgrace.

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Not only will you be cast out, you will lose all rights in your society. It may also be that you are being persecuted by your own family, or that your own father wants to kill your boyfriend. So it was not surprising that nearly every second person in the group spoke of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts, both by himself or his friends. What came out of the mouths and hearts of the young Chinese people was so real and so heartfelt and so intelligent that I was totally entranced.

It showed a different reality that we can no longer imagine in our western liberal world. Most of them had never felt the true love of a man and they longed for it.

So many here believed in love. How beautiful the world can still be in young hearts, and how much the grown-up world denigrates and above all, does not appreciate, it and even tramples it in every way. For relaxation we went to a nearby restaurant where food was served extensively on a round table and the over-filled plates were shared.