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From various experiments on the propagation of light near massive bodies see tests of general relativity follow that gravitational field of the bodies bends light rays, changing speed and frequency of electromagnetic waves. This means that measured dimensions of the bodies and time are dependent on their location in gravitational field, in particular from the field potentials. Thus, there is a dependence of properties of spacetime of used reference systems in gravitational field.

Gravitation effectively distorts the flat four-dimensional Minkowski world. The field equations in an arbitrary frame of reference through the covariant derivatives of tensor gravitational field can be expressed by two tensor equations:. Gauge condition for potentials and continuity equation for the mass 4-current are written respectively as follows:.

At the same time it leads to a difference in two times in formula for the component of force which is associated with gravitomagnetic field.

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There is a statement that the gravitational mass for gravitomagnetic field two times higher than for gravitoelectric field, as a consequence of tensor nature of the metric field of general relativity. At the same time, in case of classical definition of gravitational vector potential equations of general relativity in the weak field limit coincide with the equations of LITG, [67] [68] [69] see also gravitoelectromagnetism. As a result, in publications of general relativity can be found at least five different versions of formulas for the weak gravitational field and the total force, [70] [66] [71] [72] so that conclusions of general relativity for a weak field up to now is impossible to recognize generally accepted.

However, the approach of LITG and CTG in relation of essence of gravitational field is opposite to general relativity — if the geometry in general relativity as it gives rise to gravitation, in LITG gravitational properties of bodies and their surroundings alter the geometry of the world, which is observed and measured by means of electromagnetic waves.

The cause of gravitation in Le Sage's theory of gravitation is in action of gravitons flows, [73] [74] which is consistent with LITG, but contrary to a sense of general relativity. Together with the boundary conditions for example, on the surface of massive bodies and at infinity it sets the conditions necessary for the correct identification of reference systems, allowing to avoid the corresponding problem of general relativity.

For example, calculations made with respect to the contribution of gravitational field energy in the metric, have shown that the additive is of second order to the square of the speed of light and contains terms with fourth power of the speed of light. The general theory of relativity goes a step further with respect to the theories of electromagnetism and gravitation field LITG — it takes into account the fact that mass-energy of fields affect on the passage of time and values of the measured lengths by changing the speed of electromagnetic waves light , one way or otherwise used in measuring instruments.

At the same time, the electromagnetic wave is not the only one that can be used for space-time measurements. With the same success in terms of theory it is possible to use gravitational waves. If their speed is not equal to the speed of light, the content of the theory of relativity formulas will different, since they include the speed of gravitational waves. It has been shown in the paper. According to LITG, gravitational field is a separate physical field. A metric field consisting of the components of the metric tensor and depends on time and coordinates of the point where it is defined, is derived and is the total effect on the presentation of the mass density, the pressure in it, the state of motion of the matter speed, acceleration as well as available gravitational and electromagnetic fields and other possible values of energy-momentum.

In contrast to general relativity, in LITG metric field is not identified with the gravitational field, the metric field simply considered necessary for a correct description of phenomena. Since gravitational field is a vectorial field in LITG not a tensor, as in general relativity , then in LITG is allowed dipole gravitational radiation.

From this formula it follows that a gravitational closed system of a two bodies can emit only the quadrupole radiation for each body, the dipole radiation has the same power but is directed opposite to the other. All of this correlates with the observed absence of dipole gravitational radiation from close binary neutron stars. It can be noted also that the above formula for the dipole gravitational radiation corresponds to the formula for the dipole electromagnetic radiation of rotating charge.

It is known that if a system of particles has the same charge to mass ratio for all particles then dipole electromagnetic radiation is absent. In this case, we should expect not only quadrupole, but dipole gravitational radiation from the system, since at their bodies there is a mismatch dipole gravitational radiations.

According to LITG this phenomenon arises even in flat Minkowski space between any two rotating objects, with its own angular momentum or spin. Interpretation of the effect in LITG is so that rotating bodies create around them torsion fields, which interact with each other in the same way as two magnetic dipole. A similar interaction of the spins in general relativity is called spin-spin precession or spin Lense—Thirring precession or Pugh-Schiff precession. This effect relies a consequence of gravitomagnetic frame-dragging , that is dragging of freely falling bodies near a massive rotating object.

In general relativity, gravitation is replaced by the curvature of space, so that the deviation of a test particle from its normal geodesic line is due to the rotation of a massive body and a corresponding change in the metric. Due to the weakness of the effect it is desirable to have at least one rotating body had great spin and therefore a large torsion field.

As such a body is convenient to take the Earth, and a second body — rapidly spinning gyroscope in orbit around the Earth. Measuring the effect was carried by satellite Gravity Probe B in The formula for angular velocity of precession of interaction of the spins in LITG is as follows:.

The torsion field of the Earth as dipole field is given by:. Torsion field in the motion of the satellite in orbit is constantly changing, so for assessments of the precession is more convenient to use the formula for the value of the effect in a constant field. In this case, the formula for the torsion field of the Earth is simplified, and angular velocity of precession is equal to:.

The same formula for effect, but after averaging along all the orbit, is obtained in general relativity. In the motion of a test particle on a closed path around a massive body with a spin, there is an effect of torsion field of the body spin on the path of the particle. On the particle acts Lorentz force of gravitation, creating a moment of force and causing a change in the direction of the orbital angular momentum of the particle, i. The equation of rotational motion of a particle is:. To calculate the torsion field of the Earth, use the formula 1.

This gives:. In geodetic effect , also called de Sitter effect are contributed two different phenomena.

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The first of these may be called the spin-orbit interaction. In the case of a gyroscope in orbit around the Earth, this interaction can be understood as the effect of torsion field from the orbital rotation of the Earth relative to the reference system rigidly connected to the center of mass of the gyroscope , on the spin of the gyroscope. The orbital torsion which is produced by the Earth can be estimated by the formula:.

The second term, making contributions to de Sitter effect is related to the influence of gravitational field on the metric around the Earth. The presence of the field leads to an effective curvature of space-time, which is expressed in an appropriate amendment to the metric tensor of flat Minkowski space. Refinement of LITG results and comparison with the results of gravitational experiments carried out in covariant theory of gravitation.

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A survey of multi-linear algebraic methods for tensor subspace learning and applications is available in [30]. These attempts can be split into four broad categories: dS1 dS2 dS3. We consider the spectroscopy of heavy-quark light-quark mesons with a simple model based on the non-relativistic reduction of vector and scalar exchange between fermions.

Taking the derivative of a tensor creates a tensor having an additional lower index.

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Riemannian manifolds 7 1. At most one component of shape can be Just switched to the 32" Tensor on 15". So the derivative of the Christofel symbol has Rank 4. The 4. The goal of this review is to give a basic and broad overview of DTI such that the reader may develop an intuitive understanding of this type of data, and an awareness of its strengths and weaknesses. An alternative formulation can also be introduced as follows. Make an offer! Watanabe Given an input tensor, returns a new tensor with the same values as the input tensor with shape shape.

These things are ready to go.

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Note that 3. The diffusion tensor may be used to characterize the magnitude, the degree of anisotropy, and the orientation of directional diffusion. It is used to program the Drive unit. In applications one often encounters the transform Iacting on special functions on SMthat arise from symmetric tensor elds, and we will now consider this case. Four forces are induced: the spin-orbit forces on the light and heavy quark spins, the tensor force, and a spin-spin force.

It will take a while, no matter what way you do it.

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Last, ds is informative when all variables have an inherent ordering,. N and B are undefined, so is t. Notice the Riemann Curvature Tensor is of rank 4. It may loosely be thought of as a generalization of the gravitational potential of Newtonian gravitation. Kundu, T. The molded ergonomic motor sleeve improves grip and comfort for the operator. A combination of DTI and DSC perfusion imaging parameters was evaluated to distinguish glioblastomas with true progression from mixed response and pseudoprogression.

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