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Symmetric Manifolds and Jordan Algebraic Structures.

1st Edition

Order Unit Banach Spaces. C -Algebras. Tube Domains and Siegel Domains. Symmetric Banach Manifolds.

Kähler–Einstein metrics on Fano manifolds: variational and algebro-geometric – S. Boucksom – ICM2018

Jordan Triple Systems. Jordan Algebras. Symmetric Siegel Domains.

The Metric Theory of Banach Manifolds | SpringerLink

Jordan Automorphism Groups. Classical Banach Manifolds.

This book links two of the most active research areas in present day mathematics, namely Infinite Dimensional Holomorphy on Banach spaces and the theory of Operator Algebras C -Algebras and their non-associative generalizations, the Jordan C -Algebras. It organizes in a systematic way a wealth of recent results which are so far only accessible in research journals and contains additional original contributions. Using Banach Lie groups and Banach Lie algebras, a theory of transformation groups on infinite dimensional manifolds is presented which covers many important examples such as Grassmann manifolds and the unit balls of operator algebras.

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Orientation of Fredholm maps between Hilbert manifolds

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