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The Athenians citizens possessed the right not only to take an active part in political discussions, but also to make and follow the political decision which seemed to them the best. Thus, in the Athenian democracy, even the man who was equipped with superior intellectual and ethical principles and excellent political knowledge, was subject to the control of the majority which dominated the institutions and more generally the public sphere.

In this context, his decision to withdraw from active political life constituted also a personal response to what he considered as a highly questionable way of administrating the city. Here we can wonder to what extent the focalisation on the personality of an eminent leader, his representation as the core of a political system which collapses after his death was not influenced by the Socratic idea that in order to establish an ideal form of government, the personality of the excellent political expert is far more important than the institutions.

Thucydides and Political Order

The exact nature and characteristics of the audience of Thucydides can hardly be defined. However, we may formulate the hypotheses that he wrote for a well-educated reading audience able to appreciate the complexity and innovative approach of his narration. It is also very probable that it is for the members of this community of intellectuals that the encomium of Pericles in 2.

At the end of his work, Thucydides makes the much-discussed statement that during the first period of the new regime of the Five Thousand the Athenians appear to have had a better government than ever before, at least in his time As I have observed elsewhere, his testimony must be completely honest It is rather a theoretical reflection on the politeia, in particular a literary representation of the ideal relationship between the charismatic leader, the constitution and the citizens.

Taking as his vantage point the action of an important historical figure, he represents in an extremely original manner an exceptional political expert. I think that the peculiar, ahistorical and particular representation of Pericles by Thucydides is extremely relevant to a specific intellectual phenomenon: the development —mainly after the end of the Peloponnesian war— of the idea that formation of excellent political thought could be attained through the systematic study and representation of an ideal model of leadership.

The reflection on political expertise in the classical period flourishes within a community of intellectuals who profoundly believed that there was no place for them in public affairs. Situated at the margins of the civic community, Plato, Isocrates and Xenophon elaborated major political projects based on the innovative and singular idea that political power must be the exclusive privilege of the man who perfectly masters the art of government.

It is thus remarkable that this idea was systematically and dynamically developed in political treatises such as The Republic and the Statesman of Plato, the Cypriot Orations of Isocrates and the Cyropaedia and the Agesilaus of Xenophon, all composed during the first half of the 4th century BC, and more precisely, between the years and In these texts, the coexistence of power and knowledge are considered absolutely necessary for the advent of the perfect political expert who will break the infernal cycle of political instability.

Certainly, there was no place for these men in the Athenian democracy This, I think, was the greatest lesson given to them by the way of life and the intellectual production of Thucydides the Athenian. De la charis au charisme Paris, Couvenhes, S. Milanezi, eds. Azoulay, P. Boucheron, eds: Le mot qui tue. Bertelli, "Modelli constituzionali e analisi politica prima di Platone" [in P. Donnini, ed. Guglielmo, G.

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17. The Peloponnesian War, Part I

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Paris, Nicolai, Studi su Isocrate: la comunicazione letteraria nel IV sec. Nightingale Genres in Dialogue. Plato and the Construct of Philosophy Cambridge, Clean and tight copies in fine contemporary full red calf bindings. Spines with raised bands, each fully decorated with gilt design. Compartments triple ruled and with coat of arms flanked by a laurel design, all in gilt. Two black morocco labels, ruled and lettered in gilt.

Double rule and wide decorative borders on boards with the same coat of arms and laurel design to the centre of each panel.

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Board edges with decorative gilt design. Marbled endpapers with previous owners bookplate to the front pastedown of each volume. Some minor rubbing to the extremities and the corners a little bumped. A few small abrasions to the boards and some tiny white flecks to the outer edge of one board but generally a nice and attractively bound set that looks great on the shelf. Contains a list of the manuscripts of Thucydides and bibliography of the printed editions. Published by London, John Watts About this Item: London, John Watts, Zueignung, Subskribentenverz. Scale , S. Scale , 6 Bl.

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Smith was born in Worcester in , the son of the rector of St Nicholas' Church. He was made Rector of Holy Trinity, Chester in He became headmaster of Brentwood School, Essex, in , before leaving in to become vicar of St George's, Liverpool. He became Dean of Chester Cathedral in He remained in this post until his death in Schlagworte: Geschichte - AntikeAltphilologie - Griechen.

Published by Jodocus Badius About this Item: Jodocus Badius, Condition: Near Fine. Signatures: a8, e8, a-z8, A-L8, M Contemporary blind-stamped calf. Apart from a few minor stains and a tiny worm track in bottom margin of the last quire, the interior is in quite clean, lovely condition. Elaborate woodcut border on the title page and contemporary ownership entry crossed out. A beautifully printed, wide-margined copy of an important and very rare book. Italian humanist and priest, Lorenzo Valla, made the first known Latin translation of Thucydides in The editio princeps of Thucydides was printed by Aldus in Claude de Seyssel , the bishop of Marseilles and later Archbishop of Turin, was the first to put the History of the Peloponnesian War into a modern language using Valla s Latin edition.

In the prologue, he states that this is one of the translations he has done for the use of King Louis XII, who had found in the Ancients useful lessons for a modern monarch. This book was printed by order of his successor, King Francis I, who was said to have carried it with him into war. The famed printer, Jodocus Badius, was contracted to produce copies on paper and a few on vellum.

In the fifty years following this edition, Thucydides was translated and retranslated into several modern languages. The first English translation, based on this French edition, wouldn t appear until by Cambridge scholar Thomas Nicolls. Thomas Hobbes well-known translation from the Greek text would appear even later in Only 3 unique copies appear in sales records. No other appearances since the mid- s. His History of the Peloponnesian War set a standard for scope, concision, and accuracy that makes it a defining text of the historical genre.

Unlike his near-contemporary Herodotus author of the other great ancient Greek work, The Histories , Thucydides topic was his own time. He relied on the testimony of eyewitnesses and his own experiences as a general during the war. Though specific in detail, the questions he addressed were timeless: What makes nations go to war?

How can politics elevate or poison a society? What is the measure of a great leader or a great democracy?

It took several generations for Thucydides to attain his now-unassailed place as one of the greatest historians of all time. Aristotle, who lived a few decades later and wrote about the same era, never mentions him.

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By the first century B. Over the next centuries, numerous copies were made of the work, ensuring its survival past the dark ages. After the Renaissance, political philosophers from Thomas Hobbes to Friedrich Nietzsche extolled Thucydides clear vision and realist s grasp of politics and warfare.

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